All In the Gypsy Sport Family

All In the Gypsy Sport Family

Gypsy Sport Creative Director Rio Uribe profiles the models, muses and team members behind one of fashion's most exciting brands.

text by Rio Uribe, photos by Brendan Burke

When PAPER invited me to be a guest editor for April 2016, I thought, "Let's not only show everyone exactly what Gypsy Sport is made of, but also who we're made of — a crazy crew of models and street-cast muses." Gypsy Sport is about these people, a diverse tribe of outsiders and misfits. It's about those who have faced adversity and, because of that, can appreciate people from all walks of life. Fashion is more fun when everyone's invited. That's why we try to preserve a cool vibe of love at every shoot or show we do.

In the gallery below, I wanted to put the spotlight on my team and 15 amazing friends and have them help show off the last 6 seasons of my brand. During the photo sessions, I asked: "Are you more Gypsy or Sport?" And no matter their answers, these people are 100% real!

Stylist: Lester Garcia
Art Director: Anna-Karin Loureiro
Makeup: Gina Bettelli for MAC Cosmetics Hair: Sabrina Michals for Bumble and bumble

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