Alexyss Tylor's Vagina Power (Maybe Not Safe for Work but a Must See!)

You may laugh but Atlanta public access talk show host Alexyss K. Tylor really tells it like it is! This video is making the rounds (much like the dawgs Alexyss has 'dated') and is probably not safe for work and young children's ears but I think Ms. Tylor's hard-won wisdom should be heard by every teenage girl before her first menses. Talk about A Vagina Monologue! (Eve Ensler only wishes!) Alexyss speaks the truth more plainly than those lame sex education films we were marched (boys separate from girls) into the junior high school auditorium to watch. Sadly, it is our own experience with those who abuse their penis power that ultimately teach us the hard way (no pun intended). But the good news is that I finally understand that if my man can't even spring for shrimp dinner at Long John Silvers he is NOT worth my time!

FYI, Tylor's mother appears with her on the Atlanta Public Access TV9 show and offers the last word (probably the only real defense any of us have): stay prayed up!

ALSO CHECK OUT ALEXYSS' HALLOWEEN SHOW! Really love the schtick about the government cheese! (You know, the more I watch these videos I'm beginning to wonder if this isn't a comedy sketch afterall? If not, then it's the most brilliant performance art since Karen's Finley's I'M AN ASS MAN!)

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