Alexis Neiers, who entered reality television lore after her memorable appearance on the short-lived reality show Pretty Wild--which coincided with her prosecution and incarceration for being involved in the notorious "Bling Ring" scandal--was born 25 years ago today.

Alexis (now Alexis Haines) has kept a remarkably low-profile since her more tumultuous foray into the public eye, and spends her days now (married with a daughter) as a staunch advocate for addiction awareness and recovery, and writer for VICE--overcoming her own battle with drugs and alcohol.

While we celebrate the reality star's healthy and happy post-television existence... seems a good a time as any to salute her for giving us the greatest moment in reality television history.

In the clip, Neiers--embroiled in the very sensationalized "Bling Ring" trial--was distraught over a 2010 interview she did with Nancy Jo Sales for Vanity Fair.

The article, famously called " The Suspect Wore Louboutins," painted Neiers in a less-than desirable (but at the time, accurate) light.

Neiers, BURSTING with horror and "disappointment," decides to leave a little ,message on Sales', to the encouragement of her mother and sisters.

What happens next, know.

Alexis Neiers Phone Call (Full Scene) by tbhuratchet

Thank you, Alexis, and thank you, Nancy Jo.

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