Alexa Chung Talks Madewell and Mad Men at the Bowery Hotel

Ian Russell

Last night, The Bowery Hotel was the setting for the debut of Alexa Chung's chic new line for Madewell. Girls modeling the collection were scattered about the space as DJ Tennessee Thomas spun girl groups like The Shangri-La's to compliment the eclectic, '60s feel of the line. Former PAPER cover girl Alexa (who complimented my cardigan!!) was kind enough to chat with us briefly about  the new line, her Mad Men obsession, and her favorite people to interview.

So, question of the night. How did the line come about?
Well, I designed it with my friends in mind. Things that they like, things that I like, things I think were missing from my wardrobe. None of the pieces are too specific; I think that everyone will find something they like.

What else have you been doing for Fashion Week?
Sadly I've been really boring -- just staying in and watching Mad Men.

You know, I still haven't seen it!
You'd love it. Anyone would love it. It is so glossy. It is like treating yourself, like having a cigar or a fine wine.

Well do you think that you'll hit up some of the events before the end of the week?
I'm really looking forward to Phillip Lim -- he always puts out great stuff.

And did you do anything for Valentine's Day?
No, I had to be in fittings all day.

Well, all the better -- everything is so adorable.

You know, you're such a great interviewer and I know you've sat down with some great people. Do you want to give us the dirt? Who was the craziest? Or the most fun?
Such a tough question! There have been loads of fun people. Wow... If I think about it I think I had the most fun with Jason Bateman or Sienna Miller... Now I'm noticing you haven't got a drink!

No, I haven't started drinking just yet.
Well get over there and get one! The old-fashioneds are amazing!

I will! Thanks, Alexa!


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