Tanlines' Eric Emm gets a doppelgänger in the Brooklyn indie pop duo's newest release,  "Palace." Girls' Alex Karpovsky, who also wrote and directed the film along with Teddy Blanks, plays the double, and in a series of Sliding Doors-esque scenes, we watch them both pine over Natasha Lyonne, who plays the ex-girlfriend that walks out on Emm/Karpovsky in the opening seconds of the video. While Emm tries to work things out with Lyonne in couples' counseling, Karpovsky tries to get over the break-up with some slightly-NSFW hijinks (comically bedding a succession of women, accepting massive quantities of cocaine from bandmate Jesse Cohen, getting electrocuted in the bath by a toaster, etc.). We won't spoil the ending(s).

Watch the clip, which was co-produced by Urban Outfitters, and keep an eye for more cameos by High Maintenance's Ben Sinclair (who plays a douchey music exec) and Leo Fitzpatrick (as Karpovsky's doppelgänger), above.
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