In our never ending quest for fabulous fresh faces, our photographer Mark Rabadan shot London-based model Alewya Demmisse. We chatted with her about getting discovered and living it up in London town.

How were you discovered?

A friend of mine who also happened to be a model with Storm, suggested I try modeling and so a couple of weeks [later] I went into their office to meet the agents there and they signed me immediately. The rest as they say, is history.

Alewya wears a PVC choker by Fannie Schiavoni

What's the biggest misconception about models?

That we are only our job.

Alewya wears a dress by Ashley Williams

What's your favorite job you've ever done?

Tim Walker for British Vogue, a really fun, sunny day. Styled by Kate Moss who I am in love with and Kate Phelan who I am in love with, too.

Growing up did you have a favorite model you were a big fan of?

Liya Kebede and Kate Moss

What are your favorite things about London?

London made me man. I love this city with all my heart.

Styling by Fannie Schiavoni

Make up by Adam de Cruz using Tom Ford and Dr Jackson Skincare

Hair by Marcia Lee @ Caren

Nails by Jessica Thompson @ Frank

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