Alejandro Jodorowsky's Brutal, Surreal Santa Sangre On Blu-ray and DVD

The Blu-ray and DVD of Alejandro Jodorowsky's Santa Sangre is here, and that's a reason to celebrate! The famed cult director -- whose midnight movie classics like El Topo and The Holy Mountain fried brains in the 1970s -- returned in 1989 with this brutal, surreal, masterpiece. Based on the directors meetings with an actual murderer who buried 30 women in his garden, Jodorowsky cast his own son in the lead as Fenix, a young man who we first see nude in a tree in some mental institution. Fenix was brought up in a circus by a religious fanatic of a mother who prayed at her own church to the armless saint of a woman who was raped and brutalized by thugs. But his mother catches her boyfriend (the knife thrower) with the tattooed lady and throws acid on his crotch and he cuts off her own arms right in front of poor Fenix, who is never quite the same after that. If you think that sounds bizarre, wait until you see the stage act he does with Mamma where he stands behind her and is her arms- -- he's better than Lucy was with Ricky on the old I Love Lucy "handcuff" episode. The movie is mad and fabulous, and the disc has countless great extras including documentaries on Jodorowsky, audio commentary and even a documentary on the real killer that inspired this wonderfully insane film.

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