While the world is still reeling from Steve Harvey's thunderous blunder Sunday night, of announcing that Miss Colombia won Miss Universe, and not the real winner, Miss Philippines, the Internet (of course) would like to remind you that Alan Thicke was the OG name flubber at an international beauty pageant.

Hosting the (somewhat sketchy) 2006 "Mrs World" pageant in St. Petersburg, Russia, Thicke announced that Mrs Costa Rica, Miss Anddrea Bermudez Romero was the winner.

A child in an angel costume then descended from the ceiling for an aerial crowning (because why the fuck not), while the audience began SURGING jeering and uproar.

As it turns out, Mrs Russia, 18-year-old Sofya Skya...

...is married to Sergey Veremeenko, a billionaire allegedly in bed with the Russian mafia, so this ruling, of course, didn't sit too well with him.

The two were featured in a popular VICE interview a few years back.

In the video, we awkwardly see a frantic producer (who probably had a large man pointing a gun at him through the entire show) barking at Thicke and his co-host that "MRS. RUSSIA WON, NOT MRS. COSTA RICA! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE????"

Mrs. Costa Rica was promptly de-crowned, and de-sashed, both given to the "real" winner, Mrs. Russia; the other contestants expressed outrage at the blatant rig.

I'm sure Alan Thicke left St. Petersburg--and the continent--shortly after the show ended.

Steve, we feel you, boo.

Watch below.

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