The trailer for Darby Forever--a new Vimeo oiginal series from SNL's Aidy Bryant--has been released, and it looks incredible.

Bryant plays Darby, a bored side ponytail-wearing employee of a fabric store called 'Bobbins + Notions,' whose daydreams are inspired by the strange clients who frequent the shop.

From the trailer, we see Parks and Recreation's glorious Retta, starring as Darby's boss...

Natasha Lyonne and 2/3 of the original Vivian Girls, Katy Goodman and Ali Koehler...

...and comedian Luka Jones, who plays Darby's potential love interest.

It looks like it could exist in the same universe as Welcome to the Dollhouse, which is just about perfect.

Darby Forever will be available on Vimeo February 18th, 2016--watch the trailer below.

Darby Forever from Darby Forever on Vimeo.

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