Be it (joking) proclamations of devastation over the demise of Brangelina, or praising drag queen doppelgängers, Adele's on stage, non-musical banter is just as heroic as her peerless, mountain-moving voice. This week in Mexico City, however, Adele was forced to throw out an f-bomb when a rogue bat flew on stage.

In one of her trademark, sparkly evening gowns, the pop icon flailed around in circles after narrowly dodging the nocturnal creature's fury.

"There's a bat!" She said, flapping her arms in a wing-like motion. Pointing out into some unspecified person in the audience, the singer yelled (in her purest cockney) "Theh's a bat! It landed right by ya head!" and then "Oh m'gawd, theh's a fuckin' bat."

Praise you, Adele.

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