[UPDATE 08/25/16, 11 am: This one wins though.]


Remember " Philly crab with cigarette," the darkly hilarious photo series that spawned a series of news stories, subreddits and single-topic Tumblr blogs dedicated to crabs lighting up?

In recent weeks, these puffing crustaceans have spawned yet another meme known as "I haven't heard that name in years," which features animals and inanimate objects wistfully smoking, reminiscing about "the good old days" and other things that have slipped away in the sands of time.

"I haven't heard that name in years"'s gritty, world-weary menagerie takes the down and out, barstool sadness of reminiscing about long-gone halcyon days--a possible jab at the Internet's devotion to celebratory nostalgia. Indeed, what did ever happen to Eugene Krabs -- who, in case you forgot, is also a bonafied meme in his own right?

Crabs aren't the only ones in on the joke. Everything from wallets to rats are partaking in the old-timer activity of taking very, very long cigarette drags and basking in the sepia-tinged memories of "the good old days."

Granted, this is nothing new--the Internet has coopted an inherently sad and unnatural visual of animals smoking carcinogens that has been around for years (R.I.P. Charlie the Smoking Chimp). But while these memes captions get at an essential melancholy inherent in looking back, there is one that is simply pure Dada joy: Smoking Chickenfish, who's been haunting the internet since at least 2012. Or the Facebook treasure that is the Animals smoking Durrys group, which also capitalizes on the rougher elements of the animal kingdom.

Check out the trend for yourself here.

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