Vox gave us some Monday juice, by using a fairly simple mathematical system to determine the famous actors and actresses who appear in consistently heinous films, in terms of their Metacritic rating scores.

The site had a few requirements for the celebrities they surveyed, including a) having been in at least 10 movies, b) one of said movies making $30 million or more, c) "semi-active" and on the silver screen in the past 5 years.

Their results were not-too-surprising, with a few "OH! Damn" mixed in:

For the boiz:


For the ladies:

J-Love Hewitt, you deserved more, bb.

Conversely, Vox also gave us the same formula, but for the notable thesps in the best-reviewed films.



And for the queens:

Truly thankful that KiKi Dunst got in there.

Conclusion: Adam Sandler is our cultural chasm.

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