Action Band: Ray Barbee

[Ray Barbee (center) with the Mattson Two]

SOUNDS LIKE: Agile guitar instrumentals like Nokie Edwards as taught by Wes Montgomery, or vice versa.

PAPER: You said once that street skating is like indie rock or underground hip-hop -- a self-contained culture that's always active. What sort of things have you taken from being involved so deeply in the culture of street skating?

Ray Barbee: What I've taken from the culture is the idea that if you want to do something, then make it happen -- a "chase your dreams" kind of mentality. Most of the time it's from a DIY approach. I never went to school to play guitar -- I just went for it.

PAPER: What's the last impossible thing you did recently?

RB: If I did it, I guess it wasn't that impossible.


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