Action Band: Christina Dietz

SOUNDS LIKE: Coffeehouse-and-cabaret pop with a certain catch in the voice from a girl who likes Tom Waits just as much as Bob Dylan.

PAPER: Have you ever been recognized as a [surf and skate brand] Hurley girl when you're out busking? Or ever recognized as a musician when you're not playing?

Christina Dietz: It's funny, the other day I was in the bookstore and there was a stranger who did a few loops around me. Naturally, I looked up at the guy and said hello. He confessed he was sorry but I look just like a girl he listens to on MySpace all the time -- Christina Dietz. I giggled, because, well... I am Christina! I don't even think he believed me until I handed him a CD and said, "Thank you for listening to my music."

PAPER: How often do people come to your hometown shows barefoot?

CD: People are at my gigs barefoot all the time. When you're playing the bars on the coast of Laguna Beach and the ocean is literally on the other side of the street, it's no big deal. I swear, people are so good down here -- there is MTV hype about the pretentiousness, but that is only one small perspective of Laguna Beach. It is a beautiful, relaxed place with good people who just dig art in all its forms.

PAPER: You said you've sent Jackson Browne Christmas cookies. What's the best thing he ever sent you back?

CD: Actually, Jackson sends me the cookies. Oh, my, how does everyone know about the cookies anyway? Well, have you ever tried his cookies? They are incredible -- in fact, the only thing that could top his Christmas cookies is a Gibson J-45. But I'll just keep writing to Santa for that one.

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