Action Band: Audacity

[Pictured: Matthew Schmalfeld, Cameron Crowe, Kyle Gibson and Thomas Alvarez]

SOUNDS LIKE: Crazed teen punks (with crazed chops and record collections to match) like the Adolescents, Redd Kross and the Pink-Album Pagans gone completely feral.

PAPER: You've been playing guerrilla shows powered by a car battery on a skateboard -- where was the first place you tested that out?

Cameron Crowe (bass): SXSW. We had to park ten blocks from 6th Street where we were going to set up and play. We rolled all the equipment -- including a car battery and 750-watt power transformer, bass amp, two guitar amps, single PA amplified speaker and instruments -- oh, and merch, too -- over there. A lot of weight equals a lot of rolling movement and a high level of inertia.

PAPER: Is that the most creatively productive thing you've ever done with a skateboard?

CC: The most creative is skateboard sailing at gas stations along the Grapevine on the way up to San Francisco. [Guitarist] Kyle has this huge jacket -- kind of a trench coat. You stand on the bottom of it with your front foot while on the board and hold two ends up above your head. It looks like an upside-down triangle. The wind grabs it and you go sailing down the service roads alongside the Golden State Highway.

PAPER: Some say skateboarding has a Zen aspect that centers the mind and calms the body. What is the most profound thought you ever had while skating?

CC: The fundamental delusion of humanity is to suppose that I skate in here and you skate out there.


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