About Last Night... The Style Series Presented by Diet Coke Kicks Off with Robin Thicke

Caroline Torem Craig

Yesterday, a cool, calm and collected Robin Thicke performed two gorgeous songs from his new album Something Else live in a studio atop Times Square to launch Diet Coke's new "Style Series." In between songs, he bantered back and forth with Rachel Zalis, the West Coast editor of Glamour, who mentioned the nude photo of his wife Paul Patten which appears on his album cover. To this, Robin responded, "Everyday I wake up and thank God for my wife and my life!" Asked about his personal style he said, ''I come from the Johnny Cash School of Black and let my music do the talking.'' PAPERMAG was invited back into his dressing room for a question. I was curious if there was anyone he would love to sing a duet with. His first answer was Jimi Hendrix, then Marvin Gaye, and then his contemporaries Kanye West and Jay-Z.

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