About Last Night... The Fashion Group International "Night of Stars" Gala

Caroline Torem-Craig

Well, the Night of Stars event thrown by The Fashion Group wasn't exactly last night (it took place last Thursday), but who's counting! Entertaining the pack of penned-in paps was a little comedy team of a gravely-voiced Donatella Versace impersonator and her E!-type interviewer. It went a little something like this:

"Donatella, what you say to Oprah right now?"

"You can't wear my clothes, you are too fat again. I don't make size 30."

"Donatella, why Balthazar Getty?"

"Parick Dempsey is sooo yesterday, and since Balthazar is a Getty, I don't even have to pay him!"

It wasn't quite Maya Rudolph, but it kept us lively.

The real Donatella was, as always, a compelling figure, arriving with daughter Allegra and Balthazar Getty with no Sienna Miller in sight. Lots and lots of black, until the pinkish, mauvey, skin tight dressed that housed the marvelous body of Jennifer Lopez arrived!

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