About Last Night... The 2008 CFDA Awards Ceremony at the New York Public Library

Caroline Torem Craig

Here is a little game called the CFDA Red Carpet Show. Which of the following are my observations and which are outrageous statements other photographers and writers made? (Check back on PAPERMAG tomorrow for the answers...)

''For the love of god, look this way Victoria! She's orange, what's that all about?”

"Tony Parker is pointing to her [Eva Longoria Parker’s] belly, I bet she's going to have his baby."
"You are so right. I rest my case look at this photo -- there's a baby bump!"

"Oh my GOD, there's Naomi and Andre -- who did their styling… Air India?"
"I bet the purple slippers Andre is wearing are not Manolo Blahniks.”

"Lil Kim looks like she's trying to sculpt a whole new body shape."

"Carolina Herrera looks better than girls half her age."

"LL Cool J, Tory…. Tory, LL Cool J, we now pronounce you a new hot couple. One photo is all it takes folks."

''Why is Rachel Zoe yelling at us? Cause we aren't taking her picture?"

"Who's older –- Candace Bushnell or Kim Cattrall?"
"I don't know but the answer is Kim's still sexy!"

"Why is Ashley Olsen in such a good mood these days?"
"New meds? Or maybe it's her new bushy eyebrows!"

"What did you think of the clothes?"
"Do you realize hardly anyone wore black!!"
"Yeah, thank God!"

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