About Last Night... Susanne Bartsch's 2008 Holiday Toy Drive

Caroline Torem Craig

Just like that it becomes a holiday tradition! Three years ago, designer Kai Kuhne, his pit-bull Powder and PAPERMAG arrived at Susanne Bartsch's toy drive and party in a pedi-cab, as Powder growled in the driver's ear the whole way. And here we are again! Held at Greenhouse, the dress code was festive with a little bit of Halloween leftovers thrown in. Everyone told me, "Wait until you see Susanne. She looks fantastic -- skinny, skinny, skinny!" I asked her who did the Art Deco/'60s/Pucci-esque bodysuit and she literally scolded me for not recognizing the work of Zaldy. When I asked her husband David Barton who did his, he laughed and said, "Who did my outfit?? I look much better naked." Everybody came armed with an un-wrapped toy, cause you know, ahem, it was all about the kids -- and, of course, about getting your freak on!

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