About Last Night... Saks Fifth Avenue Hosts Charity: Water Benefit

Caroline Torem Craig

Never will I get the image of kids in Africa hauling huge cans of filthy, muddy water miles and miles for their families to drink in order to survive out of my head! One night, 1,000 tickets, $100,000 with 100 percent of the money going to building wells in Africa with Saks underwriting the event. Serious, yes, but with hundreds of chicly-attired young things buying the tickets, the party was on! PAPER Beautiful Person Elletra Wiedemann strolled in, looking darling in a sunny, yellow flowered dress, just as trees were being thrown around outside by a thunderstorm. I mentioned I had snapped her mother Isabella Rossellini earlier in the night and she said, “No! Really? Where?” Other photographers were teasing me with their fake celebrity spottings –- “Oh look, there’s Jessica Simpson! Lil’ Kim came in behind the screen! Oh, and you just missed Kirsten Dunst!”

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