About Last Night... Nadia Svarovski Hosts Dinner to Celebrate the Nominees and Honorees of the 2008 CFDA Awards

Caroline Torem Craig

Chances are, very few New Yorkers will ever step inside the gorgeous townhouse-slash-private-club Norwood. Or sip a cocktail with a designer the caliber of Dries Van Noten. Probably not too many will wait patiently for Sex and the City star Cynthia Nixon to finish her sherbet before asking her to pose for pictures… and I’m sure no one could possibly get a bigger kick out of discussing the difficulty of texting with my crazy long natural fingernails with the beautiful and lovely heiress of the Swarovski dynasty, Nadia Swarovski. If I sound excited, it’s probably because Ashley Olsen, my favorite TV star other than Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, was there and in the best mood EVER!

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