About Last Night... Campari, PAPER and the Guggenheim's Young Collectors Council Host "Defining a Moment: 25 New York Artists" Exhibit

Caroline Torem Craig

From the orange blossoms tucked into the waistband of the door person to the insanely, steady flow of Campari-stoked cocktails to the eclectic art works on the walls, on the floor and even jutting out into the room, to the lively XYZ Affair performance, this was a multi-tasking party to the extreme. Now that’s a run-on sentence worth of an F in English 101! Mr. Mickey pointed out to me the cutest “live guard” standing in front of an art structure. Advised to check out his socks, I said, “forget the socks, what about the ancient Roman hairstyle!” I asked him to pose like the artwork was really in danger, and also told him he had a lot of admirers (of both sexes) and asked if that was OK. His response was “Oh yes, that’s cool!”

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