Abby Jasmine Taps Annie Bercy for 'Stay With Me' Video

Abby Jasmine Taps Annie Bercy for 'Stay With Me' Video

Fresh off the release of her 2020 album, Who Cares?, Abby Jasmine releases today a new music video for her track, "Stay With Me." The New York-based singer says the emotional, pleading song is "about being so afraid of loneliness that you'll do things you normally wouldn't do in relationships."

"I'm uncomfortably comfortable with your presence," Jasmine sings on the second verse, acknowledging her own "fucked up ways" and how they've manifested into this complicated relationship. On the chorus, she repeatedly begs, "I need you to stay with me," before that declaration becomes a more insecure question. "Are you gonna stay with me?"

Jasmine's dreamlike visual was directed by Annie Bercy, who helped tell this story of a former love. "The video is me reminiscing on a past relationship," Jasmine says, speaking to the interspersed clips that look like hazy memories. "The good times and the bad, featuring some good old breakup remedies: tea and Hennessy — not together, of course."

Bercy garnered acclaim earlier this year for her stunning photo series, Waves, which features a series of Black men in durags in an effort to dismantle negative stereotypes surrounding the style. Speaking to PAPER, Bercy said,"We can't assume to know people by solely judging their faces, their wardrobe, their hair and where they come from."

For Jasmine, shooting the "Stay With Me" video with Bercy was "fun as hell." She continues, "[Annie Bercy] was amazing to work with. Shoutout to the Black women directors making it happen behind the scenes. We got to go to a cabin in upstate NY — really beautiful scenery. I wish I could've stayed there forever."

Watch the PAPER premiere of Abby Jasmine's "Stay With Me" video, above, and stream her new album, below.

Photo courtesy of Isaiah Silva