A Winning Collection From Slow and Steady Wins the Race

We loved what we saw when we stopped in at the Carlyle Hotel to see designer Mary Ping's collection Slow and Steady Wins the Race. Her small collection was displayed casually around a suite -- draped on chairs, beds and on hangers in the bathroom -- as if you were stopping by someone's room who was a bit messy and had their stuff all over the place. Ping's work is really great. In one bedroom, she had a series of black T-shirts each in a different fabric, from leather to lace, mesh to rubberized cotton to silk. Then there was the one fantabulous white T-shirt made entirely of pearls (see above). I immediately began shopping and bought a gigantic pearl necklace, a canvas spoof on a designer bag and a canvas down-filled faux fox stole which was fabulous. Great, smart and beautifully made stuff.

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