A Quick, Post-Holiday Chit-Chat With Models Lyoka Tyagnereva, Inna Pilipenko and Sara Blomqvist

Julia Frakes

How did you spend your holiday season this year?

Lyoka Tyagnereva: As per usual, New Years for me was a family holiday [in St. Petersburg]: I gathered with my sister and mother at Grandma's place, decorated the apartments and cooked a lot of goodies that we eat all night long while watching some comedy programs and holiday movies. We also had a bit of champagne after the President's speech! Then early Christmas morning my sister and I headed to our father's house and continued the revelry there by singing karaoke, having a spot of tea, and exchanging presents. However this year was extra special because we will celebrated the Christmas season with our first dog!

Inna Pilipenko: I had a holiday vacation with family at home [in Moscow]. It was okay... but a little boring with my parents!

Sara Blomqvist: My Christmas was very calm and cosy. I spent Christmas Eve with my family back home were I grew up [in Karlstad, Sweden] and then Christmas Day with my friends. I went to my parent's home and my two brothers came along as well, so we ate a lot of good food and played cards and some games. For New Years, my friends and I took the celebration to Oslo where we had a three course dinner. Afterwards we went out... except it was absolutely freezing! I ended the night at private party with a couple of my good friends and we danced all night!

What was your favorite Christmas gift this year?

LT: My sister gave me a cross with a beautiful necklace chain since I forgot mine on a photoshoot last year.

IP: A new bag from Prada!

SB: Since my family does not really exchange Christmas gifts I can't say that I have a favorite one! But I did get a very nice text message from a person that I care about, which was worth much more than any gift!

How long did you believe in Santa Claus?

LT: Well, I can't recall exactly, I think I still do believe a little -– like all the adults –- because during such a magical season even they want a bit of a fairytale in their lives. But the last time that I remember seeing Santa was when I was four years old and my grandpa dressed up in a Santa costume; I played the piano and read a poem for him... he gave me a nice candy for that!

IP: I have never ever believed in Santa!

SB: I don't think that I ever believed in Santa at all since my parents never told me or my siblings that he existed.

Does your family have any quirky holiday traditions?

LT: When I was in school, I used to prepare some quizzes for the New Year with various treats awarded for the correct answers. Now [that I am modeling] I don't have enough time for that...

IP: My mother has always bought very funny socks for me and my family!

SB: My family used to play a game called "Fillipin": if you open a nutshell and it's a double [nut], you can choose a person to challenge and decide what to bet. Then the first person that remembers to say "Fillipin" the next morning wins.

Favorite holiday desert:

LT: I love the cakes that both my mom and grandma make. When I was little girl, my favorite part was helping to bake the treats!

IP: Apple pie

SB: Knäck, a type of Christmas candy made of cream, syrup and sugar. Otherwise I love the polka-dot things that we hang on the tree.

Favorite holiday film:

LT: I can't choose one. I really adore all holiday movies with cute fairytale love stories and happy endings galore!

IP: The brilliant Harry Potter series.

SB: When I was younger, The Sound of Music was always on television during the holidays, so now I really love to watch it at this time of year.

Do you have any New Year's resolutions?

LT: No, not this year. I want to ensure that I do not to sleep too much (when I have free time)... but I make this resolution several times a year.

IP: None yet...

SB: My new year's resolution is to think less about consequences and just try to get out as much as possible in every moment!

Are there any films that you would like to see or books that you look forward to reading in 2009?

LT: I haven't thought about movies as much as books; I already started to read Helena P. Blavatsky's 1888 magnum opus, The Secret Doctrine.

IP: I am looking forward to seeing Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

SB: I'd really like to read and see some classic books and films: you know, the ones you just have to have read or seen! Also I am looking forward to seeing what is really going on on the island when Lost returns on the air.

Pictured above, Lyoka Tyagnereva in Vogue Italia; Inna Pilipenko in L'Officiel Russia; and Sara Blomqvist in Numero

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