A Pumpkin Spice Latte Shortage + Andrew W.K.'s High-Volatge Show = 8 Items Or Less

Elizabeth Thompson + Abby Schreiber
1) Danger! High voltage! Andrew W.K. (who stopped by our office this week to party) will be playing a 1,000,000-volt keyboard Sunday night at Pier 54 as part of illusionist David Blaine's new show, Electrified. [AndrewWK]

2) Animal New York has an interesting post on Illuminati Collectibles and whether they show that Freemasons were really just a bunch of elite bros who liked to hang, jam and do secret handshakes (as opposed to being a world-dominating secret society who named Kanye their Chosen One centuries ago). But anyway, how awesome is that tray?

3) Oh, the Autumnal horror! There's a pumpkin spice latte shortage at Starbucks. [WSJ]

4) Zac Efron went on Jimmy Kimmel and talked about what it's like to get peed on by Nicole Kidman. Spoiler: It's great? [

5) Another deranged and possibly offensive (yet probably hilarious) Sacha Baron Cohen movie is in the works tentatively called The Lesbian. It tells the recent news story about a real-life Hong Kong billionaire who offered $65 million to any man who could successfully wed his lesbian daughter. [LAist]

6) Neat photos from the 1977 opening weekend of Star Wars in San Fransisco.


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