A Post-Show Chat with Designer Brian Reyes

Rebecca Prusinowski

It's hard not to love Brian Reyes -- his womenswear is sharp, flattering, feminine. And he's so nice!!  He's always happy to share insight on his work and the industry at large. After showing a tranquil, largely gray collection -- with birch bark prints, voluminous shapes, plenty of kneesocks and a couple fur hotmitts -- we caught up with Reyes backstage. As the TV crews descended, we got in a few words:

Brian!  Good to see you again. This season you had an evening showtime as opposed to early morning.  The nighttime shows are a little more buzzy and more of a scene -- was that a deliberate change for you?
We loved having a night show!  I can't do another 9 a.m. show [laughs] -- it was great, we had all this time to prepare and to really get ready.  It was fun.

Your contemporaries consider you -- and I would agree -- one of the younger designers to watch, with a strong point of view and great direction. Is there a designer you look up to -- that you use a blueprint for your own business?
There are so many designers out there that are inspiring. I admire many but try to make my own way... Ralph Lauren is really amazing -- the empire he's built, how he has expanded and challenged himself on so many levels -- and you know I used to work for him.  I'm not sure I'm really trying to do that exactly, but to build and create like that... Then there's the legend that is Coco Chanel, how her work has influenced...

Photos by Rebecca Prusinowski


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