Men's shoes often leave much to be desired. Classic silhouettes' and neutral colors have dominated the market for years and although these styles have longevity for a reason, it's always refreshing to see a designer putting a fresh spin on classic staples. Along those lines, that's why we're psyched Louis Leeman Paris is opening a flagship store in New York. The brand is the love child of couple Louis Leeman and Erica Pelosini, combining his shoe obsession and incredible attention to detail with her fashion acumen. With a creative combination of traditional Italian craftsmanship and quality fabrics with modern finishes Louis Leeman Paris caters to that guy who is looking for timeless elegance with a fun attitude. Whether you're looking for a colorful sneaker with metal plate detailing, a pair of blue camo loafers or a classic fashionable brogue a wide variety of options ensures that there is something for every man. 

The store itself, much like a jewelry box, has been developed with the same attention to detail as the product it contains. Located at 793 Madison Avenue on the corner of 67th street the store has been designed by Louis in conjunction with lead British design firm David Collins Studio to reflect a re-imagined Parisian salon. The exterior of the store is framed in antique brass and the doors to the boutique have been inspired by the Art Deco apartment buildings scattered throughout New York. An ornate fireplace serves as the centerpiece of the room, giving the space an intimate feel. The sophisticated ambiance is enhanced by comfy seating, mirror plated doors, and reclaimed parquet de Versailles flooring. A hidden room flanking the fireplace and lined in antique brass is a functioning cobbler's room that offers bespoke shoe services and customization. Bottom line? Run (don't walk) in your snazzy brogues to check out the boutique.

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