A New Society Star?

Sorry for the low quality scan MMBloggers! This shot from MM's favorite Spanish weekly, HOLA! is a bit fuzzy but MM thought you bloggers need to be updated on the society shindig, the Haute Couture Ball in Paris. This is where the high end honeys get carted out to make their debut. The Trainas all made a splash in the past, as did Lauren Bush. This year Lauren's sister Ashley was there, tiara firmly in place, along with the likes of Steve McQueen's granddaughter, Andie McDowell's daughter and the lovely Countess Bianca Brandolini d'Adda in Valentino Couture (right, dancing with Prince Charles-Phillipe of Orleans). MM loves a Brandolini and thinks it's always news when there is a new cutie on the social circuit. Watch out Tinsley Mortimer!!!


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