A New Hoodie for Mark Zuckerberg

Peter Davis
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg (who I will forever get visually confused with Jesse Eisenberg, who played him in "The Facebook Movie," aka The Social Network) turned 28 yesterday (Happy Birthday Mark!) and is prepping for the big Facebook IPO next week. But a poll conducted by AP-CNBC finds that only 18% of those asked are "very confident" in his ability to to run a company some value as high as -- yikes -- 100 billion bucks. And when Zuckerberg wore an ill-fitting hoodie to a recent investor's meeting, he got major flack for the immature fashion faux-pas. I have no clue how to tell Marky Z how to run his Internet empire, but I can help in the style dept. I suggest he trade in his slouchy sweatshirts and upgrade to something like the Freeboard Full Zip Hoodie, a sleek, tailored staple by Woolrich John Rich & Bros. Why this hoodie in particular? Just look at this model and how metro-sexy he is in this hoodie-under-a-blazer look. (The hoodie/blazer com is the cooler version of sporting sneakers with a suit -- a look I loathe.) Message me your address on Facebook, Marky, and I'll hook you up.

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