A Modest Proposal to Fix Our Deficit

If you've ever donated a penny to Obama or even asked to be his Facebook friend, you're probably still getting emails from his campaign asking for donations. That and Radiohead's recent In Rainbows experiment got me thinking about the modern way to bailout the United States from its financial fix.

Why not do fundraising for the country online? And the way to approach it would be to emulate the Radiohead model which offered downloads of its new release at the cost of whatever the buyer wanted to pay. You could contribute pennies, dollars, tens, twenties, hundreds, thousands to the campaign to bail out America.

Being the consummate fundraiser that he is, imagine how effective it would be for Obama to go on TV -- air time would be donated by the networks as a public service -- and say "we need your help." Celebrities and politicians from all political spectrums could be enlisted to pitch their constituencies. And get this…the money could be earmarked (have you heard that word before?) for specific uses -- whether it be education, the environment, healthcare etc.

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