French Kicks, one of our favorite local indie rock troupes, are back with Swimming, an airy assortment of songs that recall a time when bands from Brooklyn were actually good. We asked them to compile a list of their favorite Brooklyn eateries, and they graciously complied. So go on, eat like a French Kick!


Locanda Vini & Olii
129 Gates Ave., Clinton Hill, (718) 622-9202

Minimalist northern Italian rustic cuisine in a beautifully preserved turn-of-the-century pharmacy. Neighborhood atmosphere, delicious proprietary olive oil imported from Tuscany, a menu changed weekly and a wine list curated from small vintners in Tuscany and the Piedmont region. A next-generation take on the slow food aesthetic.

73 Jay St., DUMBO, (718) 797-2851

Pedro's is the last of the old guard in the newly sleek and upwardly mobile DUMBO neighborhood. Although more typically Dominican or Puerto Rican in its menu of chicken and stewed beef dishes accompanied by beans, rice and plantains, Pedro's still advertises itself as a Mexican restaurant. A cartoon rat wearing a sombrero festooned with machine gun rounds and failing Christmas lights greets customers at the door who soon find themselves in a low-ceilinged basement screaming at each other over Telemundo or vintage Mexican pop performances blasted through tinny speakers. The food is comforting and decidedly mediocre, but the indoor/outdoor bar atmosphere on summer nights is the best in the neighborhood.

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