A History of Violence


Viggo Mortensen plays Tom Stall, an Indiana family man and diner owner who resorts to violence one night at work when he's assaulted by two brutal killers. After Tom is unwittingly thrust into the media spotlight, his heroic stature pleases his wife (Maria Bello) and kids. But a menacing stranger shows up at the diner (a scary Ed Harris), convinced that Tom is someone else -- the person responsible for gouging out one of his eyes years ago. Based on Vince Locke's graphic novel, this is very much a David Cronenberg film. There's not much of a leap from the rage manifested in The Brood to the caged tiger of aggression ready to spring forth from Viggo Mortensen's placidly handsome facade. Cronenberg is the most slyly perverse of directors, and this film is disturbing, provocative and radically subversive.

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