On a recent episode of Scream Queens, this exchange between Hester (Lea Michele's unfortunately-named, neck brace-sporting character), Chanel (Emma Roberts' sorority leader), and two of Chanel's clones took place:

Hester: Can I call you 'mom'? 
Chanel: What? 
Hester: Please? I feel so loved and protected by all of you. 
Chanel: Wait, you wanna call all of us 'mom'? That's insane. 
Chanel #5: And super confusing. 
Chanel #3: Actually, it's a new pop culture term where young women, desperately in need of role models, call other girls they look up to 'mom.' Lorde's fans call her mom.

Part of that is true -- Lorde's fans do call her mom -- but not all of it, according to stan expert (and teen) Connor Ferguson. "I don't think it's super deep," he says. "There's tons of stans who think it's super prestigious to like have the first reply so usually that means typing something super fast and easy like mom or dad or queen or slay." Who among us doesn't fondly remember claiming "first" under blog posts or whatever weird stuff we did in 2007?
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