A History of "MTV Spring Break," Part 2: The 90s

Yesterday we showed you The Beastie Boys conquering Spring Break c. 1987 and today: The 90s.

Though hair may have deflated, the antics did not.  Spring Break c. 1990-1999 kicked of like its '80s predecessor in Daytona Beach but, after locals began to complain that their beach town was getting a bad rap due to all the hedonistic spring breakers, MTV had no choice but to switch locales in 1994.  Exotic destinations like San Diego, Lake Havasu and Panama City Beach followed in the mid-90s before they decamped for the international waters of Negril, Jamaica in 1998. 1999 wrapped up the decade with a triple-threat spring break in Cancun, Negril and on a cruise -- hosted, in part, by Britney Spears.  Watch college kids go nuts for a bikini contest judged by RuPaul, a live episode of Remote Control hosted by Colin Quinn and performances by Spice Girls, No Doubt, Eminem, LL Cool J and Gillette.

MTV's Spring Break 1990, Daytona Beach, Florida: MC Hammer opens for Remote Control, hosted by Colin Quinn

MTV's Spring Break 1991, Daytona Beach, Florida: LL Cool J performs "Mama Said Knock You Out"

MTV's Spring Break 1992, Daytona Beach, Florida: Cypress Hill performs

MTV's Spring Break 1993, Daytona Beach, Florida: Bikini contest judged by RuPaul with Vince Neil chilling with Pauly Shore in separate segment towards the end

MTV's Spring Break 1994, San Diego, California: Jon Stewart introduces The Lemonheads

MTV's Spring Break 1995, Lake Havasu, Arizona: Gillette performs clean version of "Short D*ck Man"

MTV's Spring Break 1996, Panama City Beach, Florida: No Doubt performs "Just a Girl"

MTV's Spring Break 1997, Panama City Beach, Florida: Spice Girls perform "Wannabe"

MTV's Spring Break 1998, Negril, Jamaica: Limp Bizkit performs

MTV's Spring Break 1999, Cancun, Mexico, Negril, Jamaica and spring break cruise ship: Eminem performs "The Real Slim Shady" in Cancun


*NSYNC and Britney Spears Host Video Countdown from Cancun and Aboard Party Cruise in 1999

A History of "MTV Spring Break," Part 1: The 80s

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