A History of "MTV Spring Break," Part 1: The '80s

For many of us, March and April pass by in a blur of work-filled weeks and finnicky, not-quite-spring-yet weather (balmy temps across the country last week notwithstanding).  But for those still in their blissful college years, March (and sometimes April) means only one thing: Spring Break. Whether in Daytona Beach or Cancun, Miami or Kingston, Cabo or Punta Cana, young adults across the country head to these sunny locales for a week of drinking, sunburns, and STD transmission. MTV has faithfully been capturing the action since 1986, picking one location each year to host their annual "Spring Break," featuring live performances, beach parties, and, of course, a slew of drunk, screaming kids. For the next three days, we're going to indulge in some MTV nostalgia, looking at Spring Break over the years. Today: The 80s.

MTV Spring Break c. 1986-1989 took place in one place and one place only: Daytona Beach.  Hordes of permed, mulleted kids in fluorescent Body Glove swimwear and B.U.M. Equipment hats descended on the Floridian town to watch performances by hair metal band Vixen, new wave act Squeeze and hip-hop studs The Beastie Boys.

MTV's Spring Break 1986, Daytona Beach, Florida: Mr. Mister performance

MTV's Spring Break 1987, Daytona Beach, Florida: Beastie Boys play The Dating Game (with a random appearance by Justine Bateman).

MTV's Spring Break 1988, Daytona Beach, Florida: Squeeze perform "Great Balls of Fire"

MTV's Spring Break1989, Daytona Beach, Florida: Vixen performs "I Want You to Rock Me"


Beastie Boys "Body Snatchers" MTV Spring Break Promo c. 1986 or 1987

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