Good news, there's a helpful new website giving free advice on how to avoid arrest at Coachella. Arrested at Coachella, via the Fader, is the brainchild of three lawyers from the L.A. Law Offices of Jerod Gunsberg, and provides a Q&A explaining the actions that will and won't land you behind bars during the three-day, two-weekend music festival in Indio. Though we don't see anything about risking arrest if you wear a headdress to Coachella -- which should unquestionably be illegal -- the rest of the site is filled with good, albeit pretty self-explanatory, advice. For example, try to avoid doing drugs or selling drugs out in the open as well as driving back to the Travelodge room you're splitting with 8 people in Cathedral City totally wasted. And don't forget about the undercover cops, either. As the site says, undercover officers do not have to reveal that they're police if asked (that's not really a thing). In short: Try to party responsibly in the boiling sun while you watch your favorite band on stage from a football field's length away. And if you end up ignoring the advice and landing yourself a slumber party in the joint anyway, the site also offers legal advice on what to do next. 

Coachella: Weekend 1 starts this Friday, on April 10th. 
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