Looks like Bey's not the only icon who doesn't take too kindly to copyright infringement, as Louis Vuitton has won its suit against, uh, a South Korean fried chicken restaurant that named itself after a pun on the brand's name.

That's right, last September, LV sued a restaurant named "Louis Vuiton-dak" -- which is a play on "tongdak," or the Korean word for "whole chicken" -- since it's apparently damaging to the luxury label to be associated with a tasty bar snack. Granted, the chicken shop was also utilizing a logo that was similar to the well-known LV logo on their napkins and takeaway boxes, so fair.

The owner's response? Renaming it "chaLouisvui tondak," lol.

Unfortunately, this still wasn't enough for the fashion house, who complained again -- leading a district court in Seoul ordering him to pay LV almost $13K in damages. Talk about getting burnt. Yikes.

[h/t Korea Herald]

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