For the month of May, PAPERMAG is celebrating the wide, wonderful, strange world of social media. We'll be highlighting a few of our favorite, follow-worthy folk, from celebrities to artists to comedians to musicians, and reveling in some of the gloriously odd Internet trends that crop up on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and more. Join us and discover the accounts you need to be following now.

Kirsten "KiKi" Dunst has been a fixture in pop culture for more than two decades.

Since her iconic debut (and smooching Brad Pitt) in 1994's Interview with the Vampire... Little Women, Drop Dead Gorgeous, and the immortal cheerleader classic Bring It On, Kirsten has solidified herself as one of the It Girls of our generation.

Now, with critical acclaim and accolades in more recent work, like the regal, supremely depressing Melancholia...

...and TV anthology series Fargo, Dunst has (not surprisingly) successfully made the transition from child star to just plain star.

As opposed to the other celebs constantly posting pictures and promoting themselves, it's refreshing to see a star as big as Kirsten be so laid back in her approach to social media, on Instagram (recently), and especially Twitter.

In the 4 years since joining Twitter, Dunst has kept a low profile, tweeting when she needs to, or feels like it.

All the wry, selective content Kirsten's offered up on her own accord has been fairly divine--a wink at the absurdity of celebrity, and a display of her genuine sense of humor.

She has nothing to lose or prove online, and it's a wonderful thing. Let us now, on this Friday the 13th, celebrate some of Kirsten's most underrated gems from her Twitter history.

"By the way, I joined 2016."

She's lovin' it! (It being oppressive capitalist branding!)

She appreciates MOM HUMOR! (And, ever savvy, plugs her show at the same time.)

A little nod to Drop Dead Gorgeous, no? YES!

Come THROUGH, Amber Atkins!

"Sure, I'll promote."

Effortless on a red carpet.

Proud of her teen queen days!

She watched The Jinx, just like me and you.

(Unlike me and you, she was The Jinx)

She laughed off "The Fappening," and took the power back.

"Be good."

She appreciates JOHN ROBERTS. #WhatIsBurning?


Kirsten loves cats...

...and TLC Network (and Big Love).

Nashville iconography? Check.

Hey, 'vis.



Remember WhoSay? #glory

Lolz, yas, same. #Mom

She goes to goddamn 7-11.

Thank god.

We could all afford to be a little more like Kirsten on Twitter.

Well, a little "less is more" like her, anyway.

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