(A Brooding) Band of Outsiders

Martin Marks

With the dark and beige that has cast its pall over most of the Spring Summer 2011 collections, a wonderful thing it is to step into Scott Sternberg's world. From the bleachers to the beaches to the boarding school dormitory, Staurday's Band of Outsiders presentation was a study in brooding pensiveness, and not just for the books some of the models were carrying, or the glasses they were wearing. Chalking a wool suit or a gingham shirt off to the preppy-chic trend would dismiss the collection's thoughtful undercurrent of looming disrepair, for some reason evocative of both The Royal Tenenbaums and Tin Tin. Highlights included heather grey recycled jersey t-shirts matched with navy cotton chinos, pinstriped blazers paired with pajama pants, and leather boots with needlepoint ankle straps.

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