Spring might have sprung with a mix of color and pattern, sure, but an all-black look has always spoken more to us than florals and pastels. Plus, goth was a pervasive trend on the F/W '16 runways -- all seemingly filtered through a '90s filter, from Marc Jacobs' massive platform boots to Margiela's chokers to Vetements' mall-goth-esque oversized streetwear. With this in mind, we've dedicated this Get the Look to our favorite Dark Teens to grace the stages of the '90s talk show circuit. Anyone born before the late '80s is well-acquainted with the genre of talk show and their segments that gawked at the "weird" kids who dared to wear black lipstick and shave their eyebrows off -- some of whom were made over, and all of whom were met with obligatory "Halloween is only one day of the year" remarks from the audience. It all seems so quaint now.

To pay homage to these moody teens and their heroically chic style, we've put together some high-fashion picks in the gallery above to recreate their all-black-everything excellence.

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