8 British Bloggers Disrupting the Fashion World

by Mathias Rosenzweig
Though London Fashion Week comes to a close today, you can keep up with all of the cuckoo creativity happening in the British style scene all year long, thanks to the good eyes -- and good taste -- of these eight up-and-coming UK bloggers you need to know now. We chat with each about their sites, their aesthetics, and what makes the London scene so enduringly cool. Read on.

BLVCK WALNUT (by Valtteri Laihanen)

How would you describe your blog's aesthetic?

In each of us lie good and bad, light and dark, art and pain, choice and regret, cruelty and sacrifice. It's about the idea that we're each of us our own chiaroscuro, our own bit of illusion fighting to emerge into something solid, something real.

What designers most inspire you right now?

Rei Kawakubo, Black Scale, Acne, Damir Doma, Iris Van Herpen, and Ralph Lauren.

How does London Fashion Week compare to those in other cities?

London is a fantastic place to keep an eye on up-and-comers. You have the opportunity to see a great deal of things that potentially don't have the same commercial appeal...but some of them might make sense commercially in the near future. 

Camille Over the Rainbow (by Camille Charriere)

Describe your personal style.

My style is very simple: lots of jeans, leather and basic tees. I'm not particularly trend led but do like to inject a new season statement piece here and there so it looks like I know what's going on.

How would you describe your blog's aesthetic?

It's a mix between Scandi and French effortlessness. French because I'm happy to stick to a uniform and not over think things and Scandi because I live in sneakers and like to play around with layers and textures like the girls there do.

What is most unique about London Fashion?

I think the designers here are less worried about who their customer is and as a result are way more expressive when it comes down to the actual garments on show. They formulate eccentric, avant-garde ideas, happy in the knowledge that London is the capital of "capital-C" Creativity.
How does London Fashion Week compare to those in other cities?

Everyone is slightly more wacky here -- and certainly less judgmental. McDonald's style: Come as you are.

Maria Pizzeria (by Maria Pizzeria)

Describe your personal style.

My parents are Thai but I was born (and bored) in Sweden, which says loads about me.
I am bored of the Scandi "clean" style, but I love the Asian Kawaii [style], with comfy unisex streetwear and loads of vintage.

Who are some of your favorite designers right now?

I generally don't like to reference specific designers but Gemma from Lazy Oaf has always been a big inspiration for me, and I have been lucky to be able to work with her during my first year in London. I love up-and-coming young designers with a strong connection to the '90s, such as Rose Blair, who did amazing "My Little Pony" puffer jackets.

The Nyanzi Report (by David Nyanzi)

Describe your personal style.

Simple and functional.

What is your blog's aesthetic?


Who is the number one up-and-coming British designer we should look out for?

Charlie May.

Kitty Cowell (by Kitty Cowell)

Describe your personal style.

It's menswear with a girly vibe, streetwear with a smart edge.

What is your blog's aesthetic?

My blog is all about unisex fashion and a unisex lifestyle. I live my life very unisex! I like getting my nails done and then going to a skateboarding event. I like trainers and streetwear but also make up. We cater to both sexes and look at how masculine and feminine characteristics cross over.

How does London Fashion Week compare to those in other cities?

I feel like LFW is SO important to the fashion world because Britain is so much smaller than America, so what we have to say is stronger because it's coming from a less diluted place.

What is your all-time favorite article of clothing?

My black wool mid-length coat with black leatherette sleeves. It's a day-to-night savior and is only from Forever 21!

Who is the number one up-and-coming British designer we should look out for?

Jeetinder Sandhu. His menswear is something else: it's tailored, printed, bright, bold -- I love it! He only graduated last year. I've already borrowed from his graduate collection.

Laura Takes Pictures (by Laura Ribeiro)

What is your blog like?

My blog covers a little fashion, a little traveling, and a photo diary series.

What is most unique about London fashion?

Everyone wears whatever he or she wants and no one gives an opinion on it. So you can be head-to-toe in designer clothes, or strutting around in clothes that look like they belonged to your great grandparents -- especially students!

The Swelle Life (by Denise Grayson)

What is your blog's aesthetic?

The blog is very much about details when it comes to fashion, and I'm a huge lover of color. Now I'm redesigning the blog to reflect a cleaner, more straightforward look.

Who are some of your favorite designers right now?

Duro Olowu is amazing, and I like what Ostwald Helgason are doing, as well as Japanese brand Everlasting Sprout, and Paris-based Xuan-Thu Nguyen, who makes exquisitely detailed couture. Swedish brands such as Acne and Patouf are cool for every day.

How does London Fashion Week compare to to those in other cities?

Other than LFW, I've only been to Paris. The overall difference would be that Paris is more chic, while London is far more colorful and adventurous, both on and off the runway. It's probably not a coincidence that London is where the major fashion trends are born.

Arvida Byström (by Arvida Byström)

What is your blog's aesthetic?

It's colorful and aggressively girly -- or at least I'd like it to be! A friend used that expression the other day.

What are your all-time favorite articles of clothing?

Something I can wear on my bike and still look pretty, like my backpacks or cute short skirts in the summer.

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