'70s Fashions Have Come for Mad Men

By Elizabeth Thompson

Per this set photo from Mad Men's new season, '70s fashions will be on the show. Does this mean Don will be rocking mutton chops and kerchiefs, too? Or will that prove too hip for him, only remind him of death and send him into a whiskey-fueled tailspin and the bed of some lady? (Duh, the latter!) Cantwaitforthisshowtocomeback. [EW]

Good morning, I'm a horrible person! Here's a compilation video of mean idiots waking up peacefully sleeping people by doing insane things like lighting firecrackers next to them or blowing air horns in their faces. Not funny! (But a little bit funny.) [Gawker]

Watch a news anchor giggle uncontrollably while reporting on an a cat named Holly who is taking swimming lessons to lose weight. Pay no attention, Holly! You keep doing you. [LaughingSquid]

This book may save your marriage. [ThisIsntHappiness]

Our new favorite Twitter feed: Preschool Gems, run by a Portland preschool teacher who tweets the adorable/hilarious things her students say. [PleatedJeans]

Iggy Pope. [FYeahDementia]

Behold, the new Hamilton Beach breakfast sandwich maker. The Paper kitchen really needs this. [LaughingSquid]

I'll be your mirror. [KTH]

David Bowie playing ping-pong. Happy Friday! [ThisIsNotPorn]

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