7 Observations From the VFILES x #Been #Trill SoulCycle Class

by Abby Schreiber
Karlie Kloss, Derek Blasberg, A$AP Mike (blue hat), Virgil Abloh + More Post-Soul [Photo by Heron Preston Instagram]

Early yesterday morning, I got an email in my inbox that simultaneously caused me to laugh and my heart to skip a beat: VFILES and DJ/art collective #Been #Trill would be hosting a free SoulCycle class. Besides the obvious fact that we have mad love for VFILES over here, there are two things that reliably make me happy: balls to the wall #Been #Trill parties and free SoulCycle classes. I was sold. I saddled up, went for a ride, and witnessed the following:

1. There was no better moment than the brief window in-between SoulCycle's regularly-scheduled class and the beginning of the special #Been #Trill x VFILES one, when the Soul regulars -- Lululemon-clad Barnard students and financial analyst ladies -- caught site of the inked up bros wearing Pyrex Vision or Hood By Air waiting in line for their SmartWaters and bike shoes. The gals' mouths were definitely agape a little.

2. There was a boy who appeared to be twelve in the class (is that even allowed?). His name, apparently, is A$AP Mike (of course it is) and he was wearing Pyrex Vision shorts. We are now mildly obsessed.

Irie Trill SoulCycle Vibes [Photo by Greg Weinstein Instagram]

3. We also noticed a few ladies who came late to the class and proceeded to ride in super short jorts and flannels. Whatever works.

4. SoulCycle's music is famously loud but the #Been #Trill playlist they were blasting was some seriously next-level shit. I may have punctured an ear drum.

5. The music volume was inversely proportional to the noise-level from the class: it was one of the quietest SoulCycle classes I've been to. Guess everyone was too busy concentrating on staying on beat to #B#T's awesomely frenetic remixes to shout some Soul mantras.

6. VFILES founder Julie Anne Quay is amazing at SoulCycle. Apparently she is also an instructor. Who knew?

7. We all got free #Been #Trill shoelaces and mini-cans of Sofia Coppola's sparkling wine after our workout. 

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