6 Creatives Make Magic with PAPER + Sprout by HP


Sprout by HP is the first step in a new category of Immersive Computing. It's a creativity station with a dual screen workspace, built in 3D scanner and depth sensor, an interactive projector display and a unique suite of apps designed to unlock the creative process and bridge the gap between real-world objects and digital creations. To mark the release of this unconventional take on computing, we invited creatives from a wide variety of media to our studio to experience Sprout for the first time. 

 We asked the artists, designers, authors, photographers and online videographers to create new works of their choosing, using real-world objects as inspiration. The group--including online video artist Jig, new-media artist Matt Starr, Chromat fashion designer Becca McCharen, graphic designer and author Adam J. Kurtz and photographer Jerm Cohen--arrived with wooden artist models, Polaroids, Play-Doh, gumballs and bananas in tow. By the time all was said and done, our guests had transformed their selections into fresh new works of digital art that were every bit as unique as the objects they chose and the artists themselves.

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