While we'll never turn down a good cat video or clips of weed-smoking grandmas, there's tons of overlooked, well-written gems on YouTube that need to get more love. In this spirit, we've rounded up our favorite slept-on funny videos you may have missed including a one-off sketch about men dancing to Fleetwood Mac to a nightmarish ad for a new Uber service. Give these five a watch, below.

Sunken City
New Orleans is a city full of colorful characters and traditions, and this web series makes the most of the city's charm. From French Quarter "ghost tour" feuds to an old-school couple vying to be named Mardi Gras royalty, we get a hilarious glimpse into NOLA life. The editing is spot-on, and the storylines will make you want to finish the series in one sitting. The cast is made up of creators CJ Hunt and Kyle June Williams along with improvisers from the New Movement Theater, one of the city's most popular comedy institutions.

Fleetwood Mac Men
One of our favorite clips out of Chicago, this video answers all our questions about what happens when a bunch of "broken men" get together to "drink red wines" in an apartment. They, of course, kick off their shoes...and dance to Fleetwood Mac. Keep on dancing you dreamy dreamers.

UberEx, Because We Miss You by Second City Network
Uber hasn't done anything impressive lately, except be the muse to Second City Network's parody videos. If you've ever had an uncomfortable break-up, then this clip will be the best two minutes of your day. or life. or you'll at-least get some catharsis by seeing what happens when an ex-partner finally gets a job -- as your rideshare driver. To all the exes out there, we're blowing you little poison kisses.

Business Dudes 4 by The Staff Party
Every Thursday, sketch group Foil, Arms & Hog drops a new video. These three Irish comedians are fantastic -- and super weird -- writers. If you like Workaholics, then you'll probably get a kick out of their "Business Dudes" series, which features three wise-cracking, fast-talking office stiffs turning boring paper-pushing topics and marketing speak into vehicles for oddball quips. The "Staff Party" video, above, shows a fine, meaty sampling of trio's fast-paced comedy. But, hey, they could be reading the phone book, and we'd still probably hang onto their every perfectly accented word.

Yoga Partners: Episode 2 -- "Dog"  
We recently read that binge-watching TV shows is bad for your health. But, like, this can't hold true for web series about yoga, can it? Watching "Yoga Partners" has recently been our form of exercise, and we want to share our routine with you. Created and written by comedians Leah Henoch and Katie Schorr, this short series pokes fun at all the eye-rolling earnestness and awkward social interactions found in yoga classes. In one of our favorite episodes "Dog," we find out "yoga can give you special powers" if you just stop "rotating" your cuff so much.
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