5 Family-Friendly Activities to Do In Provincetown

5 Family-Friendly Activities to Do In Provincetown

by Rodney Uhler / photos by David Macke
PTown Scoop on 85 Commercial St.

Seeing a smiling family pose for a photo with a group of drag queens on bicycles is quintessential Provincetown. The town's open-arms policy applies just as much to kids as it does to the LGBT community. If you're looking for traditional family-friendly activities (beyond a family drag photo-op), we've listed five below. 

1. Marine Exploration
Provincetown has the uncommon luxury of running alongside both bay and ocean waters, which makes it prime location for spotting a diverse range of marine wildlife. Explore offshore by hiring a private (or shared) boat to either fish or go whale watching. Sea Salt Charters is run by Captain Chad Avellar, who comes from generations of seamen.  

Sea Salt Charters, 19 Ryder St E, Provincetown, MA 02657, (508) 444-2732
2. Ice Cream
If you leave the itinerary up to the children then it may be ice cream all day, every day. Satiate their sweet tooth with Ptown Scoop, whose menu is tailor-made for the town, with sizes and flavors named after locales. With the menu including a dog-friendly option (the Pilgrim Bark Park), it's a place the whole family can enjoy.  

PTown Scoop, 85 Commercial St, Provincetown, MA 02657, (508) 413-9591

3. Family Week
Among the many themed weeks during the year, the annual Family Week, having occurred for over 20 years, is one of the most celebrated. Each year Family Week occurs during the last week in July, and registration for the 2016 week opens as early as November. Specialty family programming and activities for kids of all ages take over the town. 

More information on Family Week can be found at the Family Equality Council

4. Pirates!
Pirates are a part of Provincetown's history, which is explored in a delightful museum appropriately located at the very end of a pier. Explore artifacts including ammunition and treasure, and learn about the true story of one ship's voyage, which ended in wreckage along the Cape Cod bay. 

Wyhda Museum, 16 Macmillan Wharf Provincetown, MA 02657, (508) 487-8899

5. Hit the Trails
Provincetown is not the vacation destination for the sedentary, but for the family looking to get out and be active, it holds boundless adventure. And activity is not limited to the nautical -- the surrounding landscape makes for a memorable walking and hiking environment. Explore the lesser-seen woods by hiking the Beech Forest Trail, a route that's just under two miles and laid out in an easily navigable loop that's fine for beginners. Look out for birds who also take to the woods for their own retreat. 

Guide and history of the Beech Forest Trail. 

For more on Provincetown, check out PAPERMAG.com/ptown
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