Hot new interior decorating trend alert! Thanks to advances in 3D imaging and printing, parents are now creating 3D-printed rendering of their unborn child using ultra sound images to hang on their walls for all to see (and never un-see).

Baby Boo Scan is a new UK business that is seemingly here to just fucking creep you out, printing eight-inch replica masks of the unborn that are then framed and given to expecting parents who want to adorn their walls with this chic new alternative to an a boring old' ultrasound scan. People can show friends what their baby will look like in a much clearer way than ever before, with the ironic downside being that they'll, of course, lose all of their friends once they hang these up. Shame.

However there is a soul-deadening application of this tech. 3D scanning and printing a babies face can be used to help blind mothers visualize their unborn babies. And, just like that, we feel like huge jerks.

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