30 Days Of Night Has Some Teeth!

Opening this week is 30 Days of Night, and I have to admit it's a lot of fun. Based on a graphic novel, it stars Josh Hartnett (who looks cute in a parka) as a Sheriff in a remote Alaskan town (which suffers from 30 days of darkness each year), which is like a smorgasbord for a group of vampires that descend on the place. The whole opening scene with the frozen region and the creepy sentinel, played by Ben Foster, with funky blackened teeth, the vampires send ahead to get rid of cell phones, pesky dogs and rig the electricity to shut down, is beautifully orchestrated and effective. And then when the attacks come by the bloodsuckers they are fast and furious. Another nice touch is the foreign language the vampires speak. The time frame of 30 days does stretch credibility (the movie seems to take place over the course of one night) but that's quibbling. It's a dumb vampire movie for Christ's sake. And a really enjoyable one too. There's blood in your popcorn!

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