28 Weeks Later Kicks Zombie Ass!

Danny Boyle’s smash hit 28 Days Later pumped new blood into the zombie movie. 28 Weeks Later, out tomorrow, is directed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (Intacto) and it’s a different strain of living-dead movie, but intense and frightening just the same. Army troops are letting civilians back into a small sanctioned section of London after the rage virus seems to have subsided. Don (Robert Carlyle) plays a father who’s being reunited with his son and daughter in this safe colony. The kids were luckily out of the country when the tragedy struck. But Don has a shameful secret that has to do with his late wife and it’s about to bite him on the ass -- literally. When the shit hits the fan and the kids have to run for their lives, they flee with a doctor (Rose Byrne) and a marine (Jeremy Renner). Renner is particularly good as the marine with a conscience. There are many scenes of claustrophobic horror and the apocalyptic political subtext is chillingly effective. A sensational scary sequel.

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